The Tomb of Safdar Jang

by Anuraag Srinivasan

Main Tomb view from the entrance.
The front view of Safdarjung Tomb amidst the setting sun in the background speaks a thousand stories for itself. Sitting in front of it anyone would get lost in its artistry.


Hiding in the silhouettes,
She walked on the golden sand;
My limbs did shake and fret,
As she came and held my hand.

From the left side after coming through the main entrance
The beauty of Safdarjung Tomb wakes up the amateur poet inside you.


Left side building and the fountain in front
“Reflections are deceiving”, goes the quote. But yet these reflections are a perfect example of mesmerising beauty and symmetry, which makes one fall in love with it in the first glance itself.


Right side wall on the ground floor.
The side walls on the ground floor of Safdarjung Tomb are a glimpse of the perfect architecture prevalent in our country since ancient times. A perfect blend of architectural beauty and symmetry.


Anuraag Srinivasan has recently joined Sri Venkateswara College and is pursuing History. His relationship with the subject does not simply end at reading about it, but understanding its symbolic importance by trying to capture its physical presence around him.

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